The solution that enables you to manage your groundwater remotely, avoid unpleasant surprises, make informed decisions and plan for future investments.

What is Smart-Wells?

It is a solution for remote monitoring and management of your well-pump-aquifer system, designed and implemented by Compañía Chilena de Perforaciones in association with Nettra.

Electric and hydraulic parameters of the system are measured in order to know the status of your wells in real time.

It enables you to control one of your most important resources: water. Thus avoiding problems whenever you need it the most.

Know the status of your well and minimize risks and losses.

Get systematic and trustful records on the water extracted from your wells.

Know the real cost of each liter of water you extract from your wells.

Pumps replacement planning.

Program pumps and wells maintenance

Know if, when and how your pump stopped.

We provide value added information that will enable you to better plan your investments, not just data.

Improve your groundwater wells management.

How much do you spend on groundwater?

Predictions and recommendations

Recommendations based on objective information derived from the analysis of the recorded data.

Well operation, extraction and distribution systems optimization.

Optimal pump operation definition.

Determine operational costs for each well.

Analysis of the evolution of the water level, volume and flows over time in order to determine water availability (actual and future) and the need for new investments.

Alarms and

Alarms and event notifications that require your immediate attention such as pump failures, energy cuts, overflow or drainage of reservoirs and tanks, pump overwork or out of schedule work, etc.

Data analysis

Recommendations based on objective information from historical data processing and analysis that will enable you to optimize your groundwater well operation.

Information in the

Online information and historical records of the parameters.